Private Nutrition Counseling

My personalized and holistic approach is tailored to the unique needs of every person who I work with. These 1-to-1 private nutrition counseling sessions provide an opportunity to work together and really dive deep into discovering the root cause of a variety of issues that you may be experiencing.

Nutrition Classes

This group setting offers the opportunity to focus on a variety of timely health and nutrition topics. My classes and workshops are usually held once a month with a new topic or area of interest each month.

Public Speaking Events

At the core of my practice is the principle that educating people to make more informed and healthy decision can lead to a more balanced approach to health and wellness.

I am available for public speaking engagements and lectures to groups both large and small. If you have a specific topic you would like to have addressed I can focus my attention and tailor the presentation to the specific interests of your group. Whether it be general wellness issues, specific diet or nutritional information, or the role that food plays in healing there are a wide range of topics I can address.

Support Group for Food/sugar Addiction

We know the statistics…or at least we have heard of some of them. The average American consumes (by the way we are number 1 worldwide…not an enviable position) over 100 pounds of sugar per year, half of that from soda or fruit drinks. Sugar lights up our brains (during MRI) in the same areas that cocaine does. Most of us didn’t need to know that to know firsthand of its addictive quality. I’m in the process of forming a group that grapples with this ever-increasing problem and it’s disastrous health consequences. Learn about hidden sugars, ways to wean off sugar, best sugar alternatives and other topics relating to this health scourge. You don’t need to have a diabetes diagnosis for sugar to be taking a negative toll on your body. Come and let’s support each other.

Food Shopping and Grocery Store Tours

Come take a tour around one (or more) of our local grocery stores to find the best deals, nutrition information and how to avoid having things in your cart that were NOT on your list. Come learn how to best navigate the laden aisles (mostly with packaged processed stuff, let’s be real) and arrive home with good, high-quality food that didn’t cost you a fortune and is a great beginning to your meal plans for the week. Minimum 4 people.